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Iping Survey Group is a bespoke surveying company based in Sydney. We specialise in 3D surveys, reality capture and BIM (Building Information Modelling). With over 15 years of industry experience, there is no job we can't handle.

Our skills services include but not limited to:
• Laser scanning (LIDAR)
• Photogrammetry (UAV)
• Revit BIM Modelling
• Professional drafting
• Asbuilt
• Construction set out
• Commercial and Land surveys

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We provide accurate 3D Data by teaming with Surveying companies in Sydney
We know how important accurate site data is. Iping Survey Group teams up with Surveying companies around Sydney to bring you accurate site data the first time. Not the second or third, the first. Hiring the right surveying companies in Sydney becomes a paramount decision for your business. At Iping Survey Group, we are confident that we can deliver the reliable, detailed site data you need. Through 3D surveying, we can provide rich, high-quality site data with quick turnaround times and no errors. Saving you time and money.
What are the benefits of 3D Surveying?

Our surveyors in Sydney are skilled in a variety of different surveying techniques and processes. One of our go-to tactics is LIDAR (light detection and ranging), more informally known as 3D laser scanning. This type of 3D surveying is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

  • It captures small, complex details. LIDAR works by shining a laser over a surface or site. Different buildings, surfaces, or objects reflect the laser to a light sensor, which collects the 3D survey points and compiles them together into a ‘point cloud.’ The point cloud is essentially a three-dimensional re-creation of the surface/site, right down to minute topographical or geometric details.
  • It can create multiple deliverables. Based on a LIDAR survey, our 3D surveyors can create numerous deliverables for the client. These deliverables may include the point clouds themselves, as well as topographical survey maps, 2D site plans, 3D BIM (building information modelling), fly-throughs, and more.
  • It is fast and cost-effective. The accuracy of LIDAR surveys—and their speed, compared to on-the-ground survey techniques — make it a cost-effective option for most clients. There’s less chance you’ll need to send surveyors back to the site to collect missed data, which is especially beneficial for sites that are difficult to access in the first place.
What Can You Expect from Iping Survey Group as Your 3D Survey Company?

If you are looking for a 3D survey company in Sydney, look no further than Iping Survey Group. Here’s what you can expect from us as your survey team:

  • We offer an experienced touch. While our survey company opened its doors in 2018, our team itself has years of experience in this industry. One of our lead surveyors has 20 years of surveying experience; the other has 16. We know our stuff and are capable of tackling even the biggest projects.
  • We focus on 3D surveying in particular. Some surveyors in Sydney offer almost every type of surveying. Often, these companies are jacks of all trades but masters of none. Rather than try to do everything, we have focused on two growing industry niches: 3D LIDAR surveying and aerial drone surveying. By zeroing in on these areas, we have been able to dedicate ourselves to mastering the latest technologies and trends — benefits you will see reflected in your deliverables.
  • We don’t outsource. When you hire a 3D survey company, you deserve knowing that the people carrying out your survey are the same people you hired. Some survey companies outsource some of their work to save time or keep up with their workload. We never outsource. Instead, we handle everything in-house, simply because we believe that’s what our customers are paying for when they choose us.
Why Iping Survey Group is Cost-Effective
New surveying technologies have made it markedly more affordable to access high-quality survey data—even for big projects. By bringing these technologies to you, Iping Survey Group can pass along these cost benefits. If you’ve been looking at surveying companies in Sydney and wondering if we are the right team for your project, contact us today.

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