3D BIM Modelling

3D BIM modelling is a 3D model-based process that gives professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure. We understand how crucial it is to have a correct BIM model, spending many years mastering Revit we pride our self on creating only the best product for our clients, completing everything in-house Iping Survey Group is a one-stop-shop for Scan to BIM.
The process is as follows:
LOD 100 Conceptual

The model element may be graphically represented in the model with a symbol or other generic information.

LOD 200 Approximate Geometry

The model element is graphically represented in the model as a generic system, object or assembly with approximate quantities, size, shape, location and orientation.

LOD 300 Precise Geometry

The model element is graphically represented in the model as a specific system, object or assembly accurate in terms of quantity, size, shape, location and orientation.

LOD 400 Fabrication

The model element is graphically represented in the model as a specific system, object or assembly accurate in terms of quantity, size, shape, location and orientation with detailing, fabrication, assembly, and installation and information.

LOD 500 As-Built

The model element is a field verified representation accurate in terms of size, shape, location, quantity and orientation.

The Benefit of 3D Modelling in Sydney in Planning Your New Building
3D modelling in Sydney gives you the best chance of knowing what your design will resemble once complete. The old saying that “no plan survives contact with the enemy” is as true about design as it is for the military. After all, you can’t be certain about how the building will look from the inside and outside, or the views on the neighbourhood. Unless, of course, you take advantage of Iping Survey Group’s advanced 3D modelling techniques.
Benefits of a 3D Survey Model 

Our 3D models are far more than speculative drawings or theoretical designs. When you hire us to help you envision your building designs, you’ll have several advantages:

  • You can see the neighbouring area from any vantage point within your building. Learn where the best locations are for windows seats, prestigious offices, and elegant meeting rooms. You can even adjust your designs according to what the local environs contain.
  • View the property from the building’s interior perspective, as well. See first-hand what a visitor will see as they enter the building or move through it. You can also look at the building next to the other buildings on the street for contrast and suitability.
  • Ensure that the actual layout and design correspond to your initial vision. Eliminate any uncertainty that comes from potential design errors and misinterpretations when the architects drafted the blueprints. Use our services to know what the results will be before you start construction.
Related Services We Provide to 3D Models in Sydney 

Our service isn’t merely one task. We use several techniques to provide the most accurate models, including:

  • On-site location scanning for HD models. If you’re renovating an older building, we can provide accurate information about the current layout and make changes in a 3D model to assist in your redesign. This 3D technology is also essential for gaining perspective regarding views from your finished building.
  • We use BIM modelling for our presentation technology. BIM lets us create the most lifelike designs that give a clear vision of the finished building.
  • For larger properties and bulk earthworks, we use drone surveying technology to see the full perspective. We can calculate the volume between various objects, impediments, and features as well as provide an accurate bird’s eye view of the existing layout and rooftops.
Whatever features your property has, whatever condition the current construction or plans are in, we’ll help you see a clear way to your next step.
About Iping Survey Group

We offer a combination of the latest technological developments in 3D modelling with decades’ experience on the tools. Our team focuses on 3D modelling and the associated techniques for accurate information from which to produce the models. If you’re looking for precision, Iping Survey Group has the hi-tech equipment and well-trained staff to give you exactly that. Approach your construction or redesign with the confidence of a clear vision. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project, and we’ll draw up a free quote for you.

Building Information Modelling Sydney
Control Your Designs with Building Information Modelling in Sydney
When you’re working on a new architectural project, building information modelling in Sydney is an essential component for the best results. This powerful BIM (building information modelling) technique puts you in control of the layout and establishes a clear vision that you can manipulate as you wish. When you hire Iping Survey Group for a BIM model, you’ll have the data you need to plan and execute your designs more efficiently.
The Importance of Building Information Modelling

BIM modelling is an essential technique for your success when creating a new building layout.

  • With the accurate information that BIM furnishes, you can place each item in your building at precisely the right spot you would physically. You won’t have to waste time re-checking your measurements.
  • During execution, there won’t be any surprises regarding where things go. You can determine well in advance which rooms will be offices, meeting spaces, break rooms, and more.
  • When you conduct your final building tour, everything will line up per your approved design. Rather than make compromises along the way that undermine your vision, employ BIM to protect your design’s integrity.
Your business deserves the best and high-quality construction without losing time with redesigns. Use BIM to confirm that your layout is exactly the way it should be.
What You Can Expect from Iping Survey Group Regarding Your BIM 3D Model

When you’re considering which companies to work with for your next project, consider how Iping Survey Group fulfils its commitment to superior-quality results:

  • We use the latest technologies and most advanced techniques to design our BIM models. The latest methods are swift, accurate, and extremely flexible tools for creating and updating your building and infrastructure designs.
  • Our team has extensive experience in producing 3D models, giving us valuable insight into the best ways to complete the task. We’ve also seen countless designs put into practice, so we can offer advice based on the good work that we’ve seen before.
  • We develop our models in-house using the same team that surveys the location and gathers the data in the first place. Any time you interact with someone at Iping Survey Group, you’re speaking to a member of the team who is developing your models from start to finish.
Why Trust Iping Survey Group Regarding BIM
Ultimately, the best reason to trust us for your BIM designs is that we’re focused exclusively on this aspect of design. Our team doesn’t comprise jacks of all trades, but rather qualified surveyors who understand every detail of 3D modelling and its associated technologies. When you’re looking for the clear vision necessary to design and construct your company’s new building, contact us for a free quote and let us create the models you need to succeed.
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