Photogrammetry & UAV

CASA Licenced aerial surveyors, using the latest Drone Surveying software we can survey large areas in a timely manner.

Being surveyors we understand the theory and techniques to gather and produce highly accurate results, from bulk earthworks and volume calculation to rooftop and adjoining information, we create highlight accurate 3D models combining tradition survey techniques with photogrammetry.

Get a Bird’s-Eye View with Ease through Drone Surveying

Few technologies have helped to revolutionise the pre-planning phases of construction like drone surveying. Where once surveying jobs could take many hours or even days of difficult work to access all areas of a site proposed for development, using aerial drones drastically reduces turnaround time on key deliverables. UAVs also provide the ability to easily send a variety of payloads aloft to gather a wide range of data points. Using a drone for 3D mapping of bulk earthworks, for example, can enable photogrammetric analysis for rapid volume calculations. At Iping Survey Group, we’re excited to bring a fresh perspective on this emerging technology to clients, big and small.

Accurate data is more important than ever in a world of computer-aided building design. Without the ability to quickly and easily survey a site to obtain the necessary information, it is surprisingly easy for a project to slip behind schedule before it truly begins. Our services aim to reduce or eliminate the hurdles to the next phase of your efforts. 

The Benefits of Drone Mapping by Iping Survey Group

Is a drone survey really worth the investment? In other words, are there good reasons to opt for this type of service instead of a more traditional survey? To answer that question, consider some of the key benefits we deliver :

  • Take full advantage of the marriage of traditional surveying techniques with modern technology. Drone mapping provides you with access to all the conventional deliverables you would expect from a survey, along with additional capabilities for further interpretation of the data. 
  • Rapidly survey even the most challenging sites. A drone can quickly criss-cross a property back and forth, taking many more images and gathering more data than a human can. For even very large commercial developments, we can make quick work of the area under survey.

Other Services We Provide Besides Aerial Survey Work

At Iping Survey Group, our ability to deliver a versatile and wide-ranging array of services is a source of pride. While drone-powered surveys are a core part of our business, our nimble team can deliver in other areas as well. Turn to us for highly experienced insights in other areas which include:

  • Laser scanning. When you require a very high-definition point cloud of an interior or exterior space, our laser technology allows for rapid scanning and assembly of a digital model. 
  • BIM modelling. Allow us to assist your project with our understanding of BIM software and technology to provide you with a clearer sense of how to build structures and whether any potential conflicts exist.
  • Photogrammetry. A fancy name for the science behind using high-definition photos to take accurate measurements, our drone capabilities are essential for gathering the 3D data points necessary for these calculations.
A deep understanding of 3D surveying lies at the core of all we offer, enabling a more focused delivery of high-value service.

Why Iping Survey Group is a Cost-Effective Option for Photogrammetry

As a newly-established figure in the field of 3D surveying, Iping Survey Group brings fresh enthusiasm to the table. In an arena where technology has rapidly changed the landscape, we know how to remain on the cutting edge. Our team may be small, but it is an attribute we use to our benefit. Our clients receive highly personalised service with an attentive focus on achieving your stated goals with a quick turnaround time. When you need to put drones in the air today to gather data without delay, our team is ready to spring into action. Call or email today to learn about the next steps.

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